is formed in the name of promoting a healthy sense of self for every woman and teen girl who has ever questioned her self-worth. Danielle Langford, after many years in the professional world of Healthcare, has decided to return to her passion, and that is motivating and inspiring Women and Teen girls, and others. As an Empowerment Specialist Danielle has motivated hundreds of teen girls and women from churches, schools, and multiple organizations. Danielle also recently published her first book "Letters For My Son".She is on a mission to help, encourage and inspire women, girls and all people to choose their power, by tapping into the self, with workshops, presentations, moderator and inspirational messages. She is an, author, radio host and professional speaker. Danielle is a highly trained professional and leader with a Masters Degree in Training and Development, and on a mission to reach and teach the masses.

Self by definition means: a person or thing referred to with respect to complete individuality: one's own self. Esteem: To regard highly, or favorably ; regard with respect or admiration.

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